Is there a financial requirement to receive VA spousal benefit for home care?

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Yes there are parameters regarding your assets that will decide if you are eligible or not.
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Simply put, your cost of care must exceed your income and your assets (not including home or car) must be less than $80,000. If you live in California and need more information, I work for a VA Accredited attorney and file VA Pension Benefits. I love to help Veterans and their spouses get the benefits they deserve!
Thank you VeteranCaseWrkr for your answer above, but I believe this website will not allow you any way to offer contact information, especially if you are doing so in relation to a job. Supposedly for our own good. As if we weren't intelligent enough to make this decision on our own.
Thanks Pamela, I appreciate the insight. Theses Vets worked so hard to earn this pension, I wish there was a way to help them get qualified.
Dunno if this info is pertinent,
but the VA recently classed anyone who lives on wheels,
such as in a 5th wheel, or in their car, is now considered "homeless" for purposes of getting certain helps from VA systems and ancillary services.
[living in a nice RV does NOT count as "living on wheels" for homeless classification purposes]

There are huge numbers of vets now resorting to the VA system for medical help.
The VA is having to budget cut drastically.
That has unfortunately resulted in certain groups of Vets getting their diagnoses down-graded or reversed, just to get them off the rolls of Vets needing care--most notably not long ago, were vets with PTSD having their diagnoses reversed, and it was found that resulted from a budget cutting mandate.

Further, DSHS [welfare] in most States is also drastically cutting how much help can be given, for instance,
--if one is a white, single male, who they believe can keep working, there is hardly any help, even if there are drastic medical conditions [major surgery; loss of kidney function; etc.].

I would like to point out that this level of the Pension could have tremendous impact on our vets who are homeless. While it is not an extraordinary amount of money, it could offset the costs for food, shelter, medications, etc. The VA requires a mailing address for any application for benefits and for those living on the streets, this can be a challenge. A veteran can use a family member's or friend's address, or a PO Box at a local Post Office.
do NOT let chimonger's post above discourage you from seeking help if you need help!!!

as far as the VA, sure, vets are often turned down for service connection, APPEAL! FIGHT FOR IT! it took me decades to receive the appropriate decision. i now have it. get the help of the DAV, or the Purple Heart Vets, or any other service organization, you don't need to fight alone.

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