My mother is 68 years old and has been living with us off and on for a couple of years. She has a substantial amount of credit card debt. I’ve tried to help in the last couple of months so she would not fall behind. She recently traveled to Central America to visit my father who has dementia and she had a stroke. She is not able to care for herself and was approved for social security for $200 a month. She can’t live on that here and we are thinking of leaving her there with Dad so she can get cared for. The drs don’t think she will regain the capacity she once had. What do I do with her credit card debt? We cannot afford to continue to pay her minimum payments and don’t want to have harrassing phone calls to our home, which is her address on all credit cards. What can we do? What are our options? I am not her POA. I have a brother who I haven’t seen or spoke to in years and he does not have POA either.

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she doesn’t have any assets but am afraid that since they have my home number, address since she lived with me that will be a problem. I also have been paying her minimum payments with my checking account?

I went through something similar with my husbands mom and they came to our to serve her on various occasions and would ask what our relation was and our drivers license to prove that she was not related to us.

i am trying to avoid going through that again especially since my last name is the same as hers.
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You are not responsible for Moms debts. If the bills come to ur house, write "person does not live at this address".
Do not call them. Do not let them know ur phone #.
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Just stop paying her debts. She’s judgement proof, sounds like she has no assets.
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