is this true? I'm moving to Dayton and my new old home needs major repairs and appliances. I can afford some repairs, but I'm afraid I won't have enough for all that is needed, ie hot water heater and furnace, as well as stove & fridge. Is there a program I can apply to for assistance with this situation? and what's the eligibility criteria? I receive social security & a very small monthly pension that totals less than $1300/month. Previous to this new situation, I've been living with my son and his fiance & family..but his house is not only crowded but also a Major fixer-upper that's expected to take many more years to finish, plus they both recently have become unemployed and are having a very rough time I've found a house for myself that I can rent to own at an affordable price, but it does need some work as I stated above. So I need to know if there are resources available in the Dayton area for seniors that can help me get my new place in habitable condition within a reasonable period of time.

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You won't get help for a rental. There are weatherization programs in some municipalities, but it is for owner-occupied dwellings. The water heater and furnace are the landlord's responsibility. Stove and fridge can sometimes be found at a Goodwill or Salvation Army pretty cheap.
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