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AAA has a program to help seniors stay at home by arranging for chore service; I don't recall all the details (haven't had morning chocolate yet), and there are fees for some services. It's called Stay Home or something like that. Call you local AAA and get more information about it.
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What the illnesses? Are they short term, long term? Are there co-morbidities?

There are various sources of assistance, but you'll need to do some research.

If you want money directly, I have no suggestions. If you want services in lieu of money, start with your local county's elder department, pro bono law clinics or attorneys, the TX elder agency if there is now, and AAA.

More detailed information could be provided if you elaborate on your needs for the type of financial help and the type of illnesses this senior has.

Also relevant is whether this person is a Veteran.
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What type of financial help does the senior need? Is it to help maintain their home? If yes, then it is time for that senior to think about downsizing into something more affordable. Sell the house/condo and use that money for rent and hiring caregivers who would come to the house to help out.

If the senior needs help with having caregivers coming in, see if that senior can apply and be accepted by Medicaid, which is a State run service which is paid for by the taxpayers. Medicaid could offer an Aide to come in for a few hours each week.

If the senior needs a higher level of care, then Medicaid would pay for continuing care at a facility, as that is less costly to the taxpayers then having full-time Aides come into a senior's home.
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