My sibling was living with their only child but was left alone too much. They could not cook for themselves or clean or do their laundry. It became necessary to call for an ambulance every time the breathing became severe because they couldn't get to a dr because the child had to work or was gone over the weekend.. So my sibling asked if I would help by taking them in. Not the adult child. At 66 years old myself, I have a spouse who is over 20 years older than me, so I cannot work outside the home now due to caring for both of them. So my question is, is there any financial support for me as caregiver to my sibling?

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Hi 1lovingcare,

There are two great articles written by editor’s that were already posted in our community. We thought this might answer your caregiving question.


“10 Government Programs You Can Access for Your Elderly Parents.”


“How Can I Get Paid for taking Care of My Elderly Parents?”

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Your sibling should be on Medicare / Medicaid and may qualify for assisted living. Start by having her apply for Medicare. Step two, talk to her MD about getting her into a Nursing Home if that is what she needs. OR he may order a visiting nurse for her at home.
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