My father has dementia is in a residential facility that my mom is paying for with his retirement checks. Now mom only has $700 to live on. Can she apply for help? Or get home health care?

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Your mom doesn't need to be impoverished for your dad to get care.
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Yes Bev
We understand. An elder attorney can explain how your fathers money can be diverted from his own care to that of your mothers. In other words, Medicaid will pick up more of your fathers expenses because he has a spouse in the community who needs a portion of his income in order for her to survive. Clarify that with any attorney before you take a paying appointment. Clarify that he is a certified elder attorney who understands how to protect the community spouse before filing for Medicaid.
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Please take to heart what Barb is saying.
It’s so important to see a certified elder attorney well versed in Medicaid before she applies.
What happens is some of your fathers pension or SS will be reserved for your mom’s use.
Your mom may have thought your dad earned too much to qualify for Medicaid. Let us know how this turns out.
I just reread your question. Is your mom in need of HH for herself or was she considering bringing him back home due to the cost of the facility? Just trying to understand that bit. Regardless she still needs an attorney.
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Bev1285 May 2019
She needs help for herself since he is now gone to a facility. He was the one really supporting both of them. I hope I clarified.
Has your mother applied to Medicaid for your dad?

Medicaid will not impoverish the Community spouse.

She needs to see an eldercare attorney BEFORE she applies. Get her to one quickly.
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