Is there any help out there for a full time caregiver for an elderly parent who needs care?

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Is there any help out there for a full time caregiver for an elderly parent who needs care 24/7/ I cannot hold a job outside the home because of this and have no money coming in now. Where would I even go to apply for assistance?

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The only thing I can think of is if you can work out of your home? Billing etc?
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I just read this, have you checked with your parents' insurance or Medicare or even State to see if you qualify to get paid to care for them?
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If your parent has equity in their home, possibly consider a reverse mortgage for cash needs. Any old unneeded life insurance policies? Maybe you could get a cash settlement. Some states have money available to family who help at home. CA has (or maybe had) IHSS = in home support services. Check w. your local senior center. If your parent was a veteran or married to one, the federal gov't may have Aid and Attendance money ($800 to $2000/mo.) available. Google it. No one may charge you for assistance getting it, but the process is difficult. In home care money can also provided to veterans--about 9 hrs/ week. That would give you some needed time off. Check w/ the Council on Aging in your area. If active at church, maybe someone could help w/ meals, sitting and respite. If there is no help available, consider nursing home placement. Depending on the parent's needs, a SNF may be needed, and Medicaid will pay. Unfortunately, many facilities will not take Medicaid on admission, but if there is a 3.5 day hospital stay, they cannot discharge someone for lack of funds. I have seen some folks happier once in a SNF. There are appropriate activities and others to talk to and care available 24/7. Shop carefully--the facility must accept Medicaid. Some assisted living facilitirs have discounts basef on assets. They can be as little as $1200/ month, depending where you live. Social security and one of the benefits listed may be enough. It ia more like home, and again, has folks and activities that could be better than being home all the time.
Great answer Barbara -- I just found out about the assistance for veterans today. I thought the VA website was confusing but there is a great support non profit website that explained it so i could understand it. My dad is 92 and I have run out of vacation time, fmla and sick pay so I am applying for social security (I'm 63) but that is not enough to run my small home on. For the Aid and Attendance program it is income based -- it includes a persons assets - however right now the VA does not do a "look Back" if you put your assets in someone elses name - take your money out of the bank -- cash anything in - etc - once that is done it depends on monthly income. This is for veterans and spouses of veterans (even if the vet has passed or they are divorced) - I can't remember if it is "war" veterans or all vets --- very informative site. There are no other programs for caregivers in my state South Dakota -- It's probably why our state has money and the budget balanced --- Lousy programs for seniors and the disabled. Take care

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