I have multiple sclerosis and cannot drive. I do buy some items through walmart and have them mailed to me. i can not buy any produce or meat this way. also i use several adult diapers per day and pay retail prices for them.

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Have you contacted the MS Society? Apparently they have a limited Financial Resource program and also have trained persons to suggest other sources to meet your needs. If you haven't already, do check out the website for the society in your region.

Are you on Disability? If you are you are automatically eligible for Medicaid. Are you on Medicaid? They provide incontinence supplies delivered to your home.

Shopping online and having things delivered is a smart alternative to driving. Are there any grocery delivery services in your area? Amazon has next day delivery in some cities. They carry a good range of produce and limited meat.

I hope you can find some help. Chronic diseases are devastating to the bank account!
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imsaramarie, ok I am going to try to answer you question. Have you thought about applying for Medicaid? It is my understanding that Medicaid can help with many things, especially adult diapers. It will be worth a call.
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imsaramarie, I am moving your question to the front of the list. Hopefully someone familiar with this can answer your question.
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