I'm a 48 yr old daughter of 2 great parents. I moved back home a year and 1/2 ago to help my mother take care of my dad. hes 76 & had a stroke 3 1/2 yrs ago. He can't talk, or use his right arm at all, but he is able to walk, but falls at least 2 times a day. The Dr. said hes going downhill fast, he also has seizures, & a lot of other problems. My parents were hard working people, & because of that they are not on medicad. They are by no means wealthy, but my question is, My savings is about gone, I gave up my life to take care of them, is there any programs out there, to help me with my bills? Like I said I'm 47, menopausal, basket case, and now being broke is really stressing me out. I have no insurance, no spouse,& no $, Is there any way to get any help at all?

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Hi 47yroldnut,

There are two great articles written by editor’s that were already posted in our community. We thought this might answer your caregiving question.


“10 Government Programs You Can Access for Your Elderly Parents.”

“How Can I Get Paid for taking Care of My Elderly Parents?”

Information on who to contact in your state.

We hope these help.

Thank you,

Ashley T.
The Team
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