I sold land Tina real estate agent I carried papers ..she's behind in payments and hasn't payed taxes ..she keeps threatening me with everything ..sent me deed in lieu than cancelled ...keeps threating me wirh this or that ...I can't afford legal help ..I eat my property back ..she's made me sick emotionally and physcally ..I sleep all day can't function any more husband doesn't know what to do do he's 78...I inherited land i can get it back ..she continues to threaten me quality of life is suffering...I am not rich I dint know how to fight with her.
She s3bt me deed in lieu then canceled this has been going on for three months payments she hasn't paid taxes I am a recovering beat cancer patient I feel lost and abandoned. What do I do?

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You sound both distressed and confused! Understandable. See if you can explain the situation more clearly. It sounds like you sold land but then certain taxes and fees were not paid and somehow it is falling back on you. It could be something you misunderstood, from letters just full of legalese that sound like threats, and you will need good help to find out exactly what you have to do and what the other party may have done improperly.

ALSO - get with your physician and make sure none of your current meds are causing you the problems with being unable to think straight and sleeping all day, or if something else is wrong that needs attention. I'm going to pray you can find the help and get things sorted out.
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Katherine 12:
What state and what county do you live in?
Please be careful who you contact about this problem. I think that you, first of all, should not worry and please tell your husband to not worry. There is help out there for you. The above answers have some good suggestions.
Here is what I would suggest since I was recently caring for my elderly parents.
1. Get all of you information on the transaction written down in an order that will
be understood by the person that you speak with. Get any and all
documentation on the deal that you made with this woman on the property
in question.
2. Call the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) at 1-855-500-3537.
Ask them for their local chapter in your state or county. Ask them for the
phone number and if there is a particular person that you should speak with.
3. Contact the correct person in your state or county and be calm and collected
when you explain each of your notes to the person on the line.
4. Write down the persons name that you are speaking with on the phone.
5. Make legible notes as to what that person is telling you over the phone.
6. If you don't understand something, then make sure you ask them to explain
that part to you again. Make sure to write down their answer.
7. Ask them if this problem is something that they can assist you with or will you
need to contact legal aid in your county.
8. If they tell you to contact legal aid, then ask them if they have a contact
phone number for legal aid.
9. Remember this, do not sign any forms or accept any certified mail from this
woman that is giving you problems. Do not contact her and do not take her
calls until you have some legal assistance.
10.Please contact me at with whatever answers you

Best of Luck
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Dear Katherine - We would all like to help, but feel that you may be unfamiliar with typing letters. Can you please answer the following questions so we can confirm what's going on?

1) What state do you live in?
2) Is the property in the same state?
3) Did you sell this property to a Real Estate agent or a Private party?
4) The Buyer didn't get a bank loan to buy the property but agreed to make payments to you & your husband. Yes?
5) Do you have a contract?
6) Who is responsible for the property taxes under the contract?

It sounds as though the buyer is taking advantage of your age and trying to scare you with empty threats in an attempt to trick you into paying the property taxes they should be paying.

We're here for you Katherine. Please get back to us.
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Let me see if I understand this.... you sold some land to a buyer and instead of the buyer getting his/her own mortgage from a bank/mortgage company you are "the bank". Now the buyer isn't paying you the monthly mortgage nor is paying the taxes on the land... is this correct?

Since you had inherited the land I assume you received the land free and clear [no debt except for annual real estate taxes]. If the buyer isn't paying the note then you should get the land back through default. Similar to a mortgage company foreclosing on a house. I assumed the buyer when purchasing the property gave you a down payment or did you give the buyer a 100% loan?

I don't understand why the buyer is threatening you... on what reason? Check with the county to see if it is possible for you to pay the real estate taxes to keep the land from going into a tax sale.

Try not to get upset over this, you have the upper hand because you are the note holder and you can get the land back. Check with Legal Aid to see what are the proper steps to take.

Once all this is done and over with, sell the land to a buyer who will need to get their own loan from a bank/mortgage company. That way you will never need to worry about this land again.
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get tough is what I meant. Typing on a new keyboard and I've not gotten a clear grip on letter placement yet I'm afraid....
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You say she keeps threatening you. How can she hurt you? It's you who should stand up and demand your rights and threaten her with foreclosure. Sounds to me like she know you don't know what to do. You need to stop worrying about it and get tought and get armed with the knowledge you need to stop her bully behavior and get back your land. She can NOT stop paying you just like that. It sure sounds like RIGHT is on your side. So call your local government in the county and find out where you can go for legal aid help if you qualify, and if you don't then see if you can't find an attorney who would be reasonable on his hourly rate and set up an appointment. Be sure you can clearly explain your situation to him since he'll be charging by time spent with you.

Good Luck...and remember, right is on your side. Be brave and bold!
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Call the National Centert on Elder Abuse (NCEA) at 1-855-500-3537. Tell them what is happening. They should be able to help you.
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Also add something to your profile - that will help posters understand what your situation is.

And I've never heard of someone cancelling a deed in lieu once it's executed.
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As with others, I don't understand the issues or questions.

If you sold property and the purchaser sent you a deed in lieu of foreclosure, then you either sold on land contract or acted as a seller/financier. Deeds in lieu are typically used when a purchaser is underwater, can't make payments, and the mortgagee (lender) takes a deed in lieu rather than institute foreclosure.

If someone sent you a blank deed form, it means nothing. If someone sent you an executed Deed in Lieu, it's your responsibility to record it. What you've written just doesn't make any sense.

If you can clarify your situation, others can help, but there are inconsistencies that don't make sense.
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contact your local legal aid, they offer free or low cost legal services. You can contact your local area agency on aging, they may be able to make suggestions where you can obtain some help with this matter. Good luck.
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If you are over 65 or Disabled you can also contact the department of aging in your county. They will guilde you to legal assistance in your area.
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Katherine, it is obvious that you are in real distress. Do you have access to legal aid in your county. Everyone that can't afford it should be able to get legal assistance. I am not sure I understand your question but it sounds like you have sold property and this person has not made payments? It sounds like you need somoene to sit down with you and assess your rights etc. Do you have any children or close friends who could help you make calls to find information, etc. all the best.
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As a licensed real estate agent, she is bound by their code of ethics even in her private transactions.

Please forgive me for being as honest as I can, but you're writing capacity doesn't seem to have a lot of clarity. Can you get some help in putting together a narrative of the course of events?

First, get an appointment with legal aid. That generally doesn't happen immediately. Find out how it works in your county/community.

Then concentrate on a narrative letter, what you did, when you did it, what your agreement was, what she did, when she did it, how she is in default, etc.

Take this letter with you to the legal aid lawyer.

I believe if you send HER this letter, indicating that you will have no choice but to contact the real estate board if she doesn't fulfill her commitment, I feel that it may take her out of her complacency when she realizes that she could lose her license.
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Katherine12, I would like to respond but I"m not quite sure I understand what you are asking.
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