My ex-husband retired from Omni Trans public transportation. He is divorced, ill and has joint custody of his 11 yrs or daughter from his third marriage. He currently lives with a daughter from his second marriage but she is moving. He can't afford to live on his own and needs a place that will allow for his minor child when he has her. He was a cook in the Army in 1967. He was in for two years. Is there any financial or other aid for this 73 yr old man?

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He is in no position to be raising an 11 year old daughter. Someone in the family needs to step up to the plate NOW!! This child should be receiving a dependent SS check. Her father should have and SS check and help from the VA. Call the VA as soon as possible and get HELP.
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Has he filed with the VA for medical assistance and/or service connected disability (if that's the case)? Does he have a pension from the public transit system that could help financially?

The first step is to get qualified for medical help. I got information from the VA website as well as publications I obtained from legislators, but it might be easier for you to contact the VA, the American Legion or VFW. The latter 2 are service organizations which help veterans get assistance.

The type of assistance he might get beyond medical would depend on his financial situation as well as any service connected issues. The VA does provide certain funds for dependents of Veterans as well. But it's a complex matrix of factors and not always easy to navigate.

It sounds like he's having a rough time; I would contact one of the service organizations in his area and ask for their help; they can guide him through the process of getting medical help and applying for service connected disability, as well as explain what his children might be entitled to.

This is a start; contact the organizations listed here. See the 4th hit especially as it addresses the issue of homelessness:

He could also see if California has a state agency that deals with Veterans' issues, and/or contact his local legislators.

Good luck and best wishes. I hope he is able to get some assistance.
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