My mother has been in Assistant Living for three and a half years. She had Long Term Health Care for the first three years to help pay the bill. That ended in June 2009. We then started spending her annuity which was $60,000 at one time, but with the stock market like it is, it had dwindled to $23,000. The bill was almost $5,000 a month, so that was going FAST!!! We checked into some things and learned about the VA Aide and Assistance Program. We have applied for this assistance and even asked if they would pay for any of the three and a half years prior.
We had to relocate her to a less expensive facility, but I am still having to help out with the bills. Are there any other funds that she may be eligible for without qualifying her for Medicare. She is also visual impared due to Macular Degeneration. Please advise.

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