(shower room, doorways, etc.) so that my mom could be home. I know that once things are in place, bringing my mother home is feasible...what about the expenses for items that I am unable to pay for? This would include a hoyer lift and home augmentations to accommodate activities of daily living/care. Are there any options? I would hope that it is preferred elders be cared for at home whenever possible, as the increase of population(s) in SNFs is steady.

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Can your Mom help you pay for the changes to be made to the home to help her live there? I don't know of any programs off hand that would pay you to remodel your bathroom, widen your doorways, etc. Go to the website link below.... click on your State.... now click on the city/county. and see what is available, if anything.

One also needs to plan ahead when the time comes to place a parent into continuing care, that the house would need to be put back in its original condition if you plan to sell the home.

I am one of the early baby boomers, and I plan to move to a retirement village. One out of every 3 caregiver dies leaving behind that one love they are caring, and I wouldn't want to do that to anyone.
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