Financial assistance for assisted living and memory care?

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My aunt is resident in a memory care unit of an assisted living center. She needs financial assistance to continue to afford the care she needs. What is available in Pinellas County, FL?

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I'm not sure what is available in FL. Maybe those who are, will chime in. I'd try to find out who accepts applications in her county. In my state, all applications are accepted by the county dept of social services. They process all applications for any and all services, benefits, Medicaid medical, etc. to see what she might be entitled to. You might have the matter reviewed first by an attorney though, who is familiar with these matters.   Some states have state programs similar to Medicaid, except it's for AL (including Memory Care) and not nursing homes. If she is disabled and/or diagnosed as requiring Memory Care, it might entitle her to more. Most places need a form completed that lists her needs, that is signed by a doctor.
Call the Area Agency on Aging

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