I have been my husband's sole caregiver since 2008 and with some savings we've been hanging on by a "thread." Is there a way that I, as his caregiver, be paid or at least get some sort of financial assistance? We own our home, free and clear but we still struggle to meet the bills such as utilities, food and care supplies not available thru SWWashington Agency On Aging and Disabilities. The impact on our finances is as great as it would be if the patient were an aging parent. I hope you can help us/

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Thankyou Pamstegman for the suggestions. For about three years my sister lived with us and helped out with bills and other misc. household chores plus a small stipend she paid for her bedroom. I also had my nephew and his girlfriend living here for a couple of months and could help financially, also. I knew that my nephew's stay was temporary but I was'nt prepared for my sister (she's a retired nurse) moving out. As of August, I will be without their help so I am researching ways to meet expenses. I have 20hrs a month of free respite care thru Southwest Washington Agency On Aging and Disabilities but that doesn't help me meet our bills. I know I'm panicking a bit but I want to at least look into what might be available to help. We have ruled out any panic moves like Reverse Mortgages, Annuities. Don't want any part of that. After having had familiy here to help us, interviewing a stranger to be a paying room mate doesn't make us comfortable. I will check into your suggestions and see what happens. Bless you for wanting to help. Rulared
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Clark County Adventist Community Services
Main office address - 3200 St. Johns Blvd.
Vancouver, Washington 98661
Telephone number - (360) 695-8632

East Vancouver Community Church
Church address: 12415 SE 7th Street
Vancouver, WA 98683
Dial (360) 256-2780 for hours of food distribution.

Fish Of Orchards, Inc.
6008 NE 110th Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98662
Dial - (360) 256-2440
A variety of foodstuffs, including fruits, vegetables, and more are offered to the low income and needy. Also get referrals to other local food banks and pantries.

Fish Of Vancouver
Location is - 551 W 14Th Street
Vancouver, Washington 98660
Phone number - (360) 695-4903

Fruit Valley Family Resource Center
Food pantry address is 3410 NW Fruit Valley Road
Vancouver, WA 98660
Main phone number - (360) 313-1904
Assistance programs are fun for local Clark County families. Learn about government programs for housing and LIHEAP, free groceries, clothing, and household supplies.
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