My mother has dementia. I am her caregiver. I quit my job two years ago to take 24/7 care of her. I have no income at all. My dad was a veteran but is deceased. Is there any financial aid available tor a caregiver for this situation?

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This can be less than a straight forward question because it depends on your father's status, whether he served during wartime, if he has service connected injuries, and if so at what level, what your mother's assets are, etc.

If the VA did approve your mother for assistance, I think it would go to her rather than to a "caregiver" per se, but you are also a daughter of a deceased veteran and your own financial situation may be factored in.

There is an Aid and Attendance Benefit which might be available, again, depending on financial qualifications.

I've called The VA Help Resource Center at 877.222.8387 to get guidelines on just where to begin to determine what's available. They could at least direct you to a section in their website that would provide more information.

You could also contact the Area Agency on Aging, which might refer you to a local county veterans' office that can help. Or just contact your local county government. We have them in at least two counties in SE Michigan.

This is an excellent publication:

"Federal Benefits for Veterans' Dependents and Survivors", published by the VA and for sale by the US Govt. Printing Office:

Your local congressperson and/or senator may also have copies of this publication. I pickec up one from a local rep at an Area Agency on Aging Expo.

Good luck on your quest.
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