Mom has dementia. Mom lives in Senior apt, settled in quite well with a Home aide and myself and my husband and daughter now T he dilemma do I take to home for a final walk through or take her to Casino for Dinner and slots,and tell her at Casino about home sold my husband and daughter will be there. Tues is one of her aide days to come should I cancel aide and arrange for aide to come later in week after telling home sold. To give added support for mom. 52 yrs mom lived there with dad until dad took sick with Parkinsons and Alzheimers we moved dad to NH mom to Senior apt. Been 3 years since she lived at the house. I have pictures of home before we moved her should I take after pictures also cor her album that I made her So hard not knowing how she will react oo

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Does your mother know about the impending sale? Does she ever ask about the house? Given that she has dementia, I think a final walk through would be a bad idea, I can only think that it will upset and disorient her to see a familiar place emptied of its familiar furniture. My mother, with dementia, now in NH asks occasionally about her house, which is not yet sold, although she's not lived there for going on 3 years. She told me once, after she moved out, she thinks of it as an asset, not a place.
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