Since becoming responsible for my Aunt after the death of my Uncle, I have been filling out paperwork after paperwork. Notary after notary. Fax after fax!!

It's been almost one year, but I keep getting mail that indicates possible money for her!

I am finding that I have to stay on top of these companies. Sometimes having to fax or mail the same paperwork twice or more!

It's maddening!!

Have you had the same experience??

How did you deal with it??

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I have been returning mail for over a year now and marking it RTS-Deceased.
Well last week I got some more junk mail and it was addressed to "Luz Deceased ( then her middle name and finally her last name.)
Proof some outfits don't read their mail.
Do the lawyer thing or whatever you need to do to stop the junk.
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Thanks as always for your insight!
I had not thought about certified mail!!
It might actually be cheaper than going into town to have it faxed!
We don't have a landline!
Unfortunately, I have to deal with these things as they come in.
Although I had all of my Aunt and Uncles mail forwarded to my home, I keep getting dribs and drabs of things that may result in money for her.
I guess it's like eating an elephant! One bite at a time!
Next time I will send certified mail!!
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My aunt had the same situation and she finally saw a certified elder law attorney and that put an end to all the run around. She says it is the best money she has ever spent.

I would get names and titles and maybe mail everything certified return receipt. The lack of competence in the work place is so disheartening.

Best of luck getting this sorted and the games stopped.
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