Moved mom into AL Did change of address but 1099 was returned to PO. Now we can't get info from SS office. We have POA have all her bills drafted from her account. Husband is co-owner of bank but now we can't get 1099 from SS office!

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I think someone's given you wrong information on the post office's acceptance of a change of address form.

The first time my father was in a rehab facility to recover from a broken hip, I immediately went to the post office and got the forms to file a change of address. I was advised I'd need to prove I had authority to do so, so I came back with my DPOA.

Second time around, I just went directly to them with the DPOA in hand and got the change taken care of.

I have a feeling that the USPO might not honor change of address forms for SS specifically - it would be all too easy for a scam artist to do this and get personal information.
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Thank you. We do have all her prior income tax forms my husband has done them for years, but wanted the exact figure to list on this years tax form. The PO returned it because they do not honor a change of address form we were told. Now we've received letter from her dr and hopefully with POA (which they do not accept) we can get the SS address changed. It is direct deposited in her account. We just needed total for the year and it turned out to be a nightmare. I understand there is fraud but for families of AL patients every dollar matters for her care.
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1. Ask SS what documentation they require for their equivalent of a POA for an Alzheimer's patient. I'm not familiar with their labyrinthine ways, but there might actually be a way to use the existing POA as a tie-in to their own form.

2. If her SS is deposited directly, you at least know the net amount. Assuming she has Medicare, it's a standard amount depending on her income level. Add that amount to the net amount deposited and you'll get the gross amount for tax purposes.

3. SS and other governmental entities might not honor a change of address for government funding, but it sounds as if the mistake was at the post office's end. I don't understand this; the post office should have just delivered the mail to the AL. Have you had other problems with mail delivery?

4. This is more of a long shot, but do you have access to prior year's tax returns and SS 1099s? If so, use them as a base. I don't remember the miniscule amount by which SS was raised from 2014 to 2015, but you could likely find it by researching. Use that amount; research to determine how much SS was raised in 2015.

5. I believe you can order copies of back tax returns from the IRS. If they filed jointly, and her husband doesn't have copies, I'd order them. And that's another issue - if they did file jointly, he would have access to back returns and can gross up the SS from them, after factoring in the increase from 2014 to 2015. It was a percentage amount - I don't recall specifically what it was.

There also may be a prohibition on delivering government data such as a 1099 from SS to any change of address, probably to prohibit fraud, as that's been an issue with people who used to steal SS checks from mail boxes.
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