He was traveling, was taken ill, went to emergency, survived his surgery but had to be put in hospice due to colorectal cancer, stage 4. He could not travel back home and consequently passed away out of the country. We paid for his medical expenses on our credit card and insurance has reimbursed us for the hospital but not hospice.

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If Dad was already on hospice in the US and wished to travel abroad the hospice will discharge him while he is out of their jurisdiction. It is always prudent to purchase travel insurance although this is not always possible for the elderly.
Have you contacted the foreign to ask if they are willing to waive or reduce their fees. There may be charitable funds to pay for this.
Why did you assume responsibility for the payments rather than have them charged to Dad's account?
This is no longer a help to you but there are often charities who are willing to help return a seriously ill patient to their home.
Additionally if you are still stuck with the bill you my be able to work with your CC company for a reduction or at least take a deduction on your taxes if you assumed responsibility for Dad's care once he became ill which it sounds as though you dad. So sorry for your loss and the current difficulties you are experiencing.
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Gosh, that is a sad situation! I'm so sorry for your loss! I hope your Dad was able to enjoy part of his vacation, and that he was well cared for ti the end!
If all else fails, it seems only right that your CC charges be paid back directly from his estate, when it comes time to settle up. I'm sure he would have aggreed.
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It is worth asking an insurer or credit card provider, I agree; but certainly with most insurers I'm afraid that pre-existing health conditions would be excluded.

I'm glad your father did get his vacation. But this is awful for the family - I'm so sorry for your loss, and for this additional worry at such a sad time.
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Im so sorry to hear if your fathers passing. Do you have a way to find out if your father purchased travel insurance? Perhaps through his credit card ir travel planner?
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Medicare does not cover you out of the country. Hospice is covered by Medicare. So if you are on hospice in a foreign country, and your insurance will not cover it (most don't) you will not get reimbursement from Medicare.
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