He's been getting worse since in rehab and now a nursing center. He's refusing to eat. My husband gets him to eat broth, but any solid foods, he's hoarding in his cheeks. He passed all swallowing tests and went back to a softened diet, and still refusing food. They just started him on Zoloft and cut back the amount of Marinol they were giving him. Would putting BCAA's protein powder in his water help his appetite and/or energy?

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In my experience caring for post CVA patients I have found that with the stroke often the patient’s taste buds are affected and the person just won’t eat. It’s very frustrating for the caregivers. The person may want to eat but simply gets turned off by the taste or lack of.

I would offer him anything he liked in the past, make him protein smoothies with fruit etc to make them taste good, and try small more frequent meals.
Ensure or Glucerna (diabetic form of Ensure) comes in many flavors - try to find one he favors.  He needs protein to heal and carbs for energy. 
Good luck to you and your family. This is a tough issue.
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Will he eat his old favorite foods? Ice cream and jello melt in the mouth.

Does HE think he can swallow safely? Maybe he's scared and or confused.

Is he on any meds that can change the flavor of food-making it unappetizing? Ask a pharmacist.

Has his mental status been assessed since the stroke? It may not be the act of swallowing but the brain signals that "signal" swallowing. Does he have any paralysis on either side?

Poor guy, dementia, Parkinson's and now a stroke. I'm not too sure I'd have much of an appetite either. Have you brought in food and tried eating with him? Set up a pretty tablecloth and have a picnic together in his room.

What does he do with the food he "pockets" in his cheeks? Spit it out eventually or swallow it after awhile?

Have you tried drinks like Ensure, Boost or the like?

Marinol-(Generic name Dronabinol) is also used to treat loss of appetite and weight loss in patients with HIV infection. Dronabinol (also called THC) is a man-made form of the active natural substance in marijuana. (WebMD)
Usually the THC will stimulate the appetite. Maybe he's a little too "stoned" to bite, chew and swallow. I would agree to cut back to see if he improves.

Are any of the dementia meds, Parkinson's meds and stroke meds interacting with each other? A pharmacist can cross reference them all very easily.

Check with the doc before you add anything to his meal, just to be on the safe side.

Good luck. Eating is the one thing we can't make them do.
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