So, shortly before we were scheduled to visit Dad and Stepmom, Stepmom tells me Dad got a note from the IRS about $5000+ in unpaid taxes. He had called to arrange a payment plan, but, when we got out there, we discovered he was already another $400 in the hole because the bill had first been sent out in December. With my Dad there, we used the automated system to determine the payoff amount (which was described as a having a 10-day window of accuracy), and then I set up an electronic payment from his bank account. He just got his first 'payment plan' reminder in the mail, however, and it's dated Aug19--10 days after the bill was (to the best of my knowledge) paid in full. I used the IRS' automated system to confirm the payment was received, but I can't figure out how to see if there is still a payoff amount that is remaining somehow. I ordered a tax transcript to be delivered by mail (surprise, surprise, the online transcript tool is broken), but am wondering what else I can/should do. Would his tax guy be able to help?

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AB - see if dads state is one that has the TAS (taxpayer advocate service) program. The TAS are more senior veteran IRS employees that bridge between IRS and consumer issues & deal with media / PR.

On another note, you & your partner may find there are other issues lurking about once you get in and start reviewing paperwork. Keep yourself organized to maintain sanity & a sense of humor.
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There's an ombudsperson number as well; that function is tasked with resolving taxpayer issues.

It does sound as if there's a delay in the system; from my experience, that's not unusual for a governmental agency, not that it's good - it just exists, unfortunately.
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I would wait a week to let the system catch up. Then I would call the irs 800 number and get a live agent.
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