We are just beginning to consider an alarm for mom (89 and at stage 4.25, with 1 being best and 7 being worst) when she is in her wheel chair to alert staff to when she stands up. This was mentioned to me by the occupational therapist. Occasionally she will stand up, and usually it is noticed immediately. She is living in a wonderful, well staffed memory care facility. In the past 2 months she has fallen twice, but she is okay.
I have discussed this with the medical director and he said we should wait and watch as this hasn't happened since her last UTI was cleared up. This would hinder mom some, and most likely would frustrate her.

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Even a good nursing home is a busy busy place. Unless someone is assigned to watch every dementia patient 24/7, if they are strong enough, they will try to get up - and falling takes 2 seconds. At least the alarm gives them a little longer to get there and stop them or catch them.
When my mother was transferred to a nursing home, it was because she had dementia and also kept falling and finally weakened herself so she couldn't walk. After rehab failed, they had no choice but to alarm her bed, her wheelchair and put pads on the floor - she was that quick.
My brother-in-law had a brain tumor and putting an alarm on his chair was the only way my sister could control the situation. Every time he got out of the chair, which was 100 times a day, he would fall, and she couldn't pick him up.
Alarms on beds and wheel chairs just gives the caregiver a fighting chance to prevent a serious fall which most times results in broken bones and death.
To me, its not perfect, but better than what used to be done - tying a person in the chair
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I've seen wheelchair alarms scare the dickens out of people. It's startling. And if you think it would hinder and frustrate your mom you may try to think about an alternative. I understand why people would put a wheelchair alarm on someone's wheelchair---for safety's sake---but in my opinion an alarm is very close to being a restraint.

What about putting the pedals on your mom's wheelchair? Do you think that would deter her from standing up or would she try to get around them thus creating a greater chance for her to fall?

I suggest going along with the medical director and wait and see. Maybe since your mom's UTI has cleared up she'll be more herself and not try to stand up.

Do you know where your mom is wanting to go when she stands up? Maybe the staff can make sure she has something to drink and eat on a regular basis in case your mom is getting up to find a snack or get some water.
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I assume your mom has dementia. People just don't understand they can no longer walk un aided, try to get up, fall, and away we go to the ER.

I see the alarms used in most nursing homes. I don't see how it could hurt to try it. It may hinder mom as you say, but that seems better than a broken hip.
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