I even got a baby spoon. Not sure just what this means in the overall picture. Mom didn't get out of bed today. Said she wasn't depressed and wasn't sick. I have not had children, so........
Any feedback?

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Thank you tons cwillie for your very insightful feedback and support. Helped ALOT! Yes to all you said. I HAVE been totally freaked out but who to turn to who would understand? I seem to be more and more isolated in all this. I guess because of the sudden onset, it freaked me out even more. Mom wasn't all that bad before this...sleeping 'til late, but at least eventually getting up and eatting.
She actually DID get up finally this afternoon and ate some. It actually seems to be helpful using the baby spoon as it's small and I think there isn't as much of a danger of her choking on food.
Thank you also freqflyer. I hadn't considered that perhaps she just forgot what the fork and spoon were for. Makes total sense.
Thanks tons. I am ever grateful for your feedback. Really..........cadams
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cadams, I by your profile that your mother has Alzheimer's/Dementia. My boss's wife had Alzheimer's and there came a time where she could eat finger foods, but forgot how to use a fork, spoon, or knife.... thus she had to be hand-feed those foods. I believe she was this way for a couple of years prior to passing.

Do suggest buying her adult size bids that can be washed off, as spoon feeding would be like that of a toddler [from what I have seen, never had children, either].

As for not wanting to get out of bed, remember she is 96 years old, she's had a very long long life, she is tired. My Mom is 97, even though she and Dad get up at the crack of dawn [same schedule as if he was still working] the two of them will nap a lot during the day.
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I'm not sure how your mom was doing up till now and how advanced her dementia is, but the baby spoon reminds me of where I was with my mom 2 years ago. I've posted in another thread that one day she just wouldn't/couldn't get up, and I too suddenly seemed to have an infant on my hands that needed to be spoon fed.

I never got a real diagnosis (ER doc said "sometimes they just get tired") but I suspect a small stroke or TIA, frailty due to unnoticed weight loss, and depression (just because she says she isn't depressed doesn't make it so). I was overwhelmed and certain she was dying, not immediately but certainly within 6 months. Well she is still with me. I managed to coax her to get up and walk, at least minimally, because me caring for her totally bedridden was not an option at that time. Her eating has improved too, I don't need the baby spoon anymore but I do still have to feed her.

You must be totally freaked out and overwhelmed, I know I was. Take it slowly perhaps you will be able to encourage her to try walking over the next few days, at least short walks to the bathroom and for her meals. ((hugs))
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