My father fractured his leg in four places in a fall, also dislocating ankle. he has private insurance that will only pay 15 days. He thinks he is going to be able to just come home with some minor modifications. He had fall issues before this. He lives alone in a 2 story home. He has long term care but it doesn't start until 90 days. I am totally disabled from a work accident but able to do some things for him. I am also the primary care giver to my 9 year old son as my wife works 6 days a week. He is a Korean war veteran but never applied for any benefits. His financial situation is okay as far as normal circumstances but if he has to pay a month or two of inpatient therapy it's going to wipe him out.

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The hospital should be helping you appeal the decision of the insurance to only get 15 days. Medicare can approve more therapy. Also, a doctor should ask your dad, if he lives alone and how he plans to manage that. In my mother in law's case, a social worker had to go to the house and see that it was manageable.

It is time for your dad to make some decisions and to contact the VA.
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