My father (87 yrs old) has lived with us for over 20 years. When he first came here, he had a post retirement job and a social live at the golf course. Now he has a very hard time getting around without a cane or walker. He can not even shop for himself any longer.
We have a large one level home. He has his own "wing" so to speak with a gas fireplace, cable TV and anything he wants.
He chooses to live in his car all day like a homeless person. He only drives around on the property here and parks where the sun is. He listens to his radio, reads books and newspapers and sleeps most of the time. When the weather is cold, he starts up the car from time to time for heat.
For instance, today it is pouring rain and very cold out. He has been in his car since this morning.
We have tried to talk to him and he insists he enjoys living like that.
He comes in at 5pm every night, showers, eats and smokes until 11pm while he watches TV. That is primarily the reason for his own "wing". We can't stand the smoke.
He is sharp as a tac and can converse intelligently on any subject from current affairs to who played in a certain movie in 1949.
Am I over reacting? I feel like this could have a negative reflection on me as his caregiver. I'm at a total loss.
Hope to hear from someone.

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Has there been a change in his health that maybe he is hiding from you? It could be he feels more independent with a sense of purpose, wanting to be away from others, making his own decisions even though he stays on your property. I am just randomly throwing some things out to you. It seems harmless enough and I would not worry about any negative reflection on you. The car is his, so he may feel it is the one thing he still has control over.
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It might be that being in his car gives him a sense of independence and freedom; even though he does appear to have a nice, comfortable and private life in your home. I wouldn't be too concerned about it. My father use to do that occasionally.

Sitting in the rays of the sun in an automobile is quite comforting and relaxing. And in addition, he is getting outside which helps with cabin fever. I wouldn't worry about a negative reflection on you as his caregiver. Nothing of the sort and if anyone ever does comment on it; I would not take it personally. You are very kind and caring toward your father and he is hanging on to his own form of independence. Take care.
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