My dad lives in India and he is 76 years old. He fell in Oct, 2015 and had a hip fracture on left side. Prior to his operation, his right knee had some issues and he used to walk without any aid but with slight limp. He still has not recovered fully and does not walk too much. When we met with ortho, they told us that his bone will take lot longer to heal and there is issue with surgery that ortho surgeon used long screws that is hindering his hip movement. They don't want to do another operation because of his age. Now for last 7-8 months, he is showing various symptoms like some day he will fall. Other days, he will walk with stick and walker. He does not want to do long/short walks. Somedays he just wants to lie down and not do anything. He was here with me in USA for five months and there were good days and bad days. Since they don't have green card, i was not able to take him to many doctors here. He has now started to poop in his clothes. This is making my mom very tired although we have some help for cooking, cleaning. My mom is thinking of taking him to Ortho again but i think there is some neuro issues here. Can anybody advise what to do? He eats well and active some days but not always. What should i do?

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