We moved back in with his father because he needed some one to take care of him. and my boyfriend has two brothers that do nothing for him. when he was in the hosipital it took me 2 and a half days just to clean his bedroom seriously. we do all the cooking cleaning and all the yard work.did i mention i dont get a thank you or anything. from any one. and this man is not even related to him. i dont have a life at all because we have to stay home to make sure he dont burn the house down. how do i go about getting him help where i can have freedom with out having to worry about him.

It's not the other way around. His father owes a lot of money to the IRS and he almost lost the house. If the house payments are not being paid. If the house payments are not payed then the bank or i.r.s. owns this house.and my boyfriend and i will have no where to live. thats why i am asking what can he do to insure that he has a place to stay.if and when his father is gone.he has already had 3 what does he need to do to insure him not getting thrown out of the house? I need some serious answers.

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If your boyfriend's father owes money to the IRS, the IRS can only collect from the father's estate. Your boyfriend would not be responsible for that debt or any other owed by his father.

Tammy, what if this was the other way around, that it was your father you were taking care of, and it was your boyfriend writing the post above? Just food for thought.
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i mean i am not related to him at all.
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