I cannot seem to locate any information on how we can protect assets for separated parents. They are amicable and the paid alimony is the source of elderly mother's income. How do we protect assets so mother will have them to live off of in the long term?

They are separated but still married? Like said, I would consult a lawyer versed in Medicaid.

Usually the Community Spouse is not left impoverished. In my GFs parents case, the 60k they had was split. He was entering a NH so his 30k was spent down. Between them they had 2 SS checks and a pension. Not sure how that got split, but Mrs R never acted like money was short. She lived in the house and had the car.
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You should consult a lawyer who specializes this. Medicaid doesn’t leave a spouse impoverished. But this isn’t something you should attempt to do yourself.
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