We’ve tried asking the VA for help, We’ve tried other hospitals and have even gone to court to find out process to take power of attorney, it’s too expensive and very difficult. No one wants to help us.

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Dad has to assign POA and if can still make decisions you can't really do anything. Guardianship is the only thing and it can be expensive.

The one thing you may be able to do is if he enters a hospital and/or rehab to tell them Mom can no longer care for him and place him in LTC. Apply for Medicaid. Mom will become the Community Spouse and won't be made impoverished. She can stay in the home and have a car. There's more to this and each situation is different but this may the way u get help.
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Mother has her own health issues. She is barely able to care for herself. She cannot help him.
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I'm sorry to hear this, Shellie.

Your mother is your father's primary caregiver, is she? Is she fit and well? What would she like to happen?

Can you point to any particular recent events or changes that you think might be responsible for how your father is feeling?
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