So I was going to bring him to my house. Wife opened Millers Trust when she admitted him because she wanted him to stay in Nursing Home. Said he had dementia, kept falling. But now he’s able to walk and take care of himself and could go home. He was found competent. If he comes to my house, can he terminate the Miller Trust to use his money to care for himself at my house? We live in Delaware.

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Emblady; Your profile says that you work full time and have limited income.

What is your plan for your dad's care?

He has dementia? And is mobile? In what sense can he take care of himself? What do the discharge folks say about what level of care he needs?

Dementia patients, after the earliest stages, cannot be left unsupervised. This means someone alert and in the home 24/7. Are you able to provide that level of care? Is he eligible for Medicaid?

Did an eldercare attorney set up the Miller Trust? Have you talked to that lawyer?
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