The hospital released him back to the nursing home, trying to figure out how he gets home without losing his medicaid and health insurance.

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Answer to Sunnygirl1:
Yes it cost $15,000 for the lawyer and I did all the work collecting every bank statement from every account from June 2010-June 2015; closed accounts, any IRA's; she gave me a list of what I needed to give her. It took me a day to gather even though I had all my records but some of the stuff was in the Income Tax Filing. All prescriptions for this year and receipts; my mom has medicare and blue cross supplement which covers so far all her hospital expenses. She falls alot as she is determined to walk but can't. Anyways, the lawyer will make sure you have every document Medicaid requires and the lawyer also asked me questions and I had to make sure everything was documented such as transfer of funds and transfers back, a lot of little details I was clueless about. I am also POA. I would of not known what to do without her help and the lawyer will follow this through until Medicaid is approved. She will also appeal if necessary. I hope this helps.

I meant to mention before sorry your dad has cancer. I've had many in my family that had cancer. My dad passed in 2010 from Renal Failure, my sister passed in 2010 from Lymphoma and 2 with Alzheimer, my mom being the second one. Life is always full of curves.

God Bless♥
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Your father is in a nursing home. I am going to guess it was a permanent plan.
This is going to sound harsh, or non-sympathetic, or something that most people will find something to fault. However, maybe harshly realistic.
First, don't panic.
Without the funds (that is why the Medicaid) your father has limited choices.
To transfer him, just the transportation will be really expensive. And the fees, costs, not covered. Then, a funeral.
Second, wait until you can get more information. I like the idea about a transfer to hospice. More information, such as: What does he mean by coming "home".
This is such a difficult circumstance for both you and your father.

Consider this perspective: At the end of your life, would you expect family to fulfil the patient's last desires, wishes, and dreams at their own expense? Kind of like a sense of entitlement, or make-a-wish foundation role? This perspective is harsh, and not necessarily my own. But maybe you will understand. He is hospitalized, needs care in a hospital-that won't change if you transfer him-different room, different state.
Maybe you won't be visiting him as often if he stays put. I don't know.
But please do not jump in to help without counting the emotional, financial, career limiting, family disruption to your own life.
There are many ways to honor your father at the end of his life.
There are choices for you, if you don't panic, this doesn't have to put you or your family in debt.
Sorry for your Dad's diagnosis. I am familiar with when my father was on Medicaid, living a year after his diagnosis, removal of one lung. I was married, not having a room available-it was never offered-however, I heard at his funeral ( for which my two siblings caused for me to have to pay) that he told his 'wife' he was going to live with me (the two days before his death). That is how I remember him-even in death he was able to con me out of more money. It was sad.
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RoseofSharon00, I normally always refer people to attorneys to explore their legal rights. I just wanted to confirm that the legal fee for the Medicaid application that you paid was $15,000.00. Is this right?
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I live in New York and my mom recently entered a Nursing Home in June and have just applied for Medicaid with an attorney (Elder Lawyer). If anything is wrong as far as documentation it will fall on the attorney. I hope we don't have any complications but everything is pretty much documented. It will take 5 months to kick in so I have to pay out of pocket for those 5 months. You have to supply 5 yrs. worth of medical bills and receipts; bank statements; income taxes; all assets; I can go on and on here but every "i" needs to be dotted and every "t" crossed otherwise it's a mess if you don't have all the documentation. Every penny needs to be accountable and I have records galore. I would seek some kind of expert advice to help you. Someone who specializes in elder law. Mom had some money saved so it work fine for us. The legal fee to submit the Medicaid application and documentation is $15,000 in Upstate. You can do this yourself but I did not feel secure that I would do it correctly.

Angel is spot on with her answer.
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Medicaid is a state run program. You cannot transfer Medicaid coverage between states. Instead, he will need to apply for Medicaid in NY and go through the approval process. I'm going to bet it takes longer than 2 months to get completed...but doctors can't always pinpoint remaining life expectancy. 2 months is an estimate, and he could live much longer, so it may be worth going through this process to return him to NY.

If you believe he will only need hospice when he returns to NY and will not require a nursing home, you may be able to find a hospice in NY that accepts medicare (rather than medicaid).

As a final note, he will need 24 hour care and extensive pain management, so please think hard before bringing him to NY without a firm plan in place such as a nursing home that will accept him as Medicaid pending, a hospice agency that will care for him, etc. No one person can provide 24 hour care and pain management requires medical intervention, prescriptions, etc. You won't be able to do this alone.

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I wish I knew more about this issue. Maybe, others here will know and post here. Have you checked with his Medicaid case worker or someone at the the nursing home? You're smart to figure out all the details before moving him. Is there anyone there who can stay with him where he is? I'm just wondering if all of the paperwork and applications can be prepared and processed so quickly.

Is he on Hospice?
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