About 6 months ago my sister in law was put on the street by her boyfriend and abusive relationship. She asked my elder father in law if she could move in. He went and picked her up, being she lost driving privileges.

Two years previous to this she went through a divorce and lost children.

History is an alcoholic that wont admit to it very abusive verbally when drinking to my father in law, he wants her gone, but she has nowhere to go.

We are afraid she won't go into rehab on her own. What are our choices in this situation?


Need to get her into a rehab and out of his home ASAP.

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Is father in law willing to evict her?
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Thanks all:)

We are both working together but yes your are right it is my husband parent just trying to give advice and ease his burden.
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If he wants her gone, he should start eviction proceedings.

Addicts don't go to rehab until they are desperate and have no other alternative.

Can FIL see that he will be doing her a favor by evicting her?
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You cannot force her into rehab. Plus, it cost money. I doubt if she has it or health insurance to cover it.

This is really your FILs problem. Where is your husband in all this? Personally, as a DIL I wouldn't get involved.

You could call the police but not sure what they could do. Maybe Office of Aging. Adult Protection Services. Maybe some other members will have suggestions.
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