My husband and I have been talking about getting a POA for my fil, this morning the doctor called and said he thought he had the dementia. He has been very confused and I told my husband and sil something wasn't right. They thought it was due to swelling and dialysis, which he has just started. He has congested heart failure, kidney failure copd and numerous other things wrong. Since March 3d, he has been in and out of the hospital. Three sometimes he has been out only one day, then rushed right back in. At times he seems fine, but then, you know something is wrong. He has asked nurses if they are working on his truck, things they are trying to hurt him, thinks PT staff are hanging him out the window etc.. Doctor said some of that is due to health, and delirium from being in the hospital in and out so much, but says he thinks he has dementia too. There were other signs too, prior to all this hospitalization. But, I know somebody needs to get some type of paperwork done. Just not sure what type, and with his state what type and when. POA would have been ok, but not sure if that is the way to go now. He can still carry on a conversation with you, knows who you are. Just has these moments, especially at "sundown" Any help would be welcomed. thanks.

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google sundowners will answer that for you. my mothers aide works in a nursing home and says there are many who get sundowners in the evening they put the shades down so they don't know what time it is and for some reason its not as bad. my mom suffered from that for awhile and we found she had a uti around the same time so a real diagnosis was never sure. as far as papers.if your father is coherent enough according to an elder lawyer he meets with a poa can be signed. my mom had good and bad dementia days. when I made the appointment I had him sit with her alone and he decided she was of sound mind to make the poa decision for us. BUT be aware some lawyers will not touch poa with a dementia patient so he doesn't get it in the behind by other family member in the future questioning his acceptance of sound mind. good luck... hugs
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Too late to have him sign a POA, they have to be competent to sign. Try to get an immediate temporary guardianship by court order. Time to sit down with his attorney and see what papers are already in place.
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