He lives at home and does not want to go to assisted living. He currently is not in need of medical care just help with chores, transportation to Dr, meals, bathing assistance, light housekeeping. The biggest problem I see with having someone come into his home is that he is extremely difficult to communicate with. Are there resources specifically for the blind and hard of hearing that would be helpful?

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Home health care agencies some are paid for by insurance,my dad got home health from the VA they cover the cost...if there is no insurance or not coverage call CATHOLIC CHARITIES CALL ASAP THEY WILL HELP!!!!
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I would remove the "just" from the list of things he needs help with. It's A LOT!

Is his mind there or not so much?

I'm sure there are plenty of resources for blind/deaf people. So much more difficult with his advanced age!
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Naturganic Aug 2019
trying to justift that the "just" only means he does NOT need medical care at this time. I KNOW it is alot!
If you don't mind I am going to post what is on your profile so commenters will have a clearer understanding of your situation and question you posted:

"I am taking care of my husband who has Parkinson’s. I work full time. My husbands father is 94 and lives in his own home. My husbands sister lives with him and also works full time but is refusing to care for him. He is difficult and uncooperative.They live 40 miles from us. Something needs to be done and I don’t know where to start."

Let's start with who has any power to make changes in your FIL's best interest: who has your FILs PoA? If no one does then the answers you get will be very different.

Your SIL is burnt out but she lives with him. If your FIL is uncooperative with her, what makes you think he will be cooperative with a private or county aide? This is a rhetorical question. He probably won't be any better with them.

Also, has he ever had a formal diagnosis by a doctor regarding dementia or cognitive decline?

If you can answer the PoA question, better answers and support can be given here. We look forward to helping you!
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