My husband has had a tough tree months. He as been seeing a geneticist for the last four years for a problem with ammonia levels this causes confusion, he is also diabetic. Well three month ago he was given a shot of cortisone and the fun began. His blood sugars became difficult and his ammonia levels i impossible. He hospitalized the first time in April and slept for four days this meant a catheter they got the ammonia down but he was still confused. May and June he was in and out of the hospital and although I asked if he might have a UTI I do not think the ever managed to test for it. In July he was sent to a larger hospital and the found that he did have a UTI and his ammonia was High so the gave him fluids and antibiotics and seemed a little better so they let him come home two days later he was back down there in the same shape. They gave him more fluids but not more antibiotics his ammonia went down and he seemed better but when they put him back a normal diet he went down hill fast so another round of fluids now he is complaining about pain in his back so I ask the doctor if they have checked for another UTI I was assured that they had and that the bacteria was within safe range this time they released him to a nursing home. He was there one day and two nights by the second morning the could not wake him and when the tried to move him he would cry out in pain so the sent him to the local hospital. The emergency room Dr. ran test and thought on top of everything else he had had a small heart attack so they sent him back to the large hospital where he was found to have a kidney infection and again high ammonia levels. Now they think rather then a genetic disorder he has liver disease. This is because with all the fluid he was given he developed sever edema. With all of this going on they have now they have decided that he may need to be in a nursing home perhaps permanently even though now that the infection is gone his mind is clearing and he is almost back to normal. We both wish for him to be here at home after a short stay for rehab. Can the force him to be in the nursing home or is can he prove that he is able to be at home with me to care for him. The nursing home requires him to have a guardian this also bother me as I do not believe it is necessary yet.

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First, my heart goes out to you for all you have been through!

I don't know how "they" can force your husband to stay permanently in a nursing home.

How will the nursing home "require" a guardian? Refuse to let him stay there without one?

What would make more sense to me is to see how he does during a rehab period. The doctors certainly haven't got a good track record of correct diagnosis and prognosis, so how can they be so certain this time? Give him time to heal and recover.

This seems all very confusing.

Is Medicare covering the rehab stay? How will the nursing home be paid. Will you be private pay or is Medicaid involved? You don't mention your husband's age. Is he on Disability?

I am sorry to be nosey about your finances, but I think that may be a factor to deal with, too.

Consulting a lawyer may be a good next step for you. You will need to if guardianship is in your future. A lawyer can explain if there are other options, such as POA, that would meet your current needs. If application for disability and/or Medicaid is involved, the sooner you get professional guidance, the better.

Please keep in touch here and let us know how this sad drama is unfolding.
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