My dad has Alzheimers. He doesn't know for sure if he has to have a bowl movement and he can't go by himself . At least 10 times a day he says he has to go but only passes gas. Even when my mom (who has to help him remember how to get on the toilet and wipe his butt) tells him he's already gone to the rest room, he insists on going approx 10 x's a day!! When he's not on the toilet he's talking about it (or tries to talk about it). Is this normal for a person with Alzheimers?

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Possibly, due to his dementia, he forgets that he's already gone, so he insists on going over and over. I haven't heard of anything to do about that, except keep accommodating him. He may be near becoming incontinent. I have read that there are incontinent advisers, who may be able to offer some helpful suggestions.

I would also discuss with his doctor. He may have some elimination issues that no one knows about. Maybe, he needs to alter his diet with more fiber so he has more complete bowel movements. I'd ask about that.

Attending to his toileting needs sounds pretty exhaustive. It may be that your mom needs some help in the home with that. That's a huge amount of work for one person, especially, for seniors.
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Is he regular? Does he have painful bowel movements? Adding in a gentle laxative like miralax can help with both those issues. He could be afraid of soiling himself, so having him wear disposable underwear may reassure him.
Beyond that, a lot of older people get fixated on their bowels, after all when it's not working it is often hard to think of anything else, and dementia just magnifies their obsession.
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