(On 9/25/2016) He has had complications, placed on a trach, g-tube and developed a pressure sore- type 4, and has a fistula at the abdominal wound. He is close to maxing out his inpatient Medicare benefits as well as his skilled nursing days and I am finding out that no one wants to help him any longer. Where can I find resources for help!

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Have the doctors given you any prognosis on the chance of his recovery? or an idea of his future if he recovers well from the surgery? So much of what you do depends on that. In your position, I would probably opt to continue with skilled nursing care and look into help from Medicaid if he needs it. Do you want to bring him home? Let us know what he and the rest of the family want and what the doctors say. Someone may have some good ideas.
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This sounds so hard for you and him. I am so sorry. Have you spoken with anyone about Medicaid? That sounds like the next step if he doesn't have funds to private pay. I think I would seek the advice of a certified elder attorney who has experience with folks in your situation. Don't wait. It takes awhile to get these things rolling. Also have you spoken with hospice? It might be time to get them in to evaluate what services they can help him with. They can see him in the hospital or nursing home. There are hospice facilities as well. Hopefully you will get some more advice here soon.
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