My father fell and is in a rehab facility but continues to fall. He is not being monitored as he should being a dementia patient. Is there any other place he can get a better level of care? His family members all work full time and live 100 miles away. My brother is power of attorney and due to the insurance he was only allowed to stay in this facility.

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Pharm, elders are going to fall no matter where they live.... you could have a room full of nurses/aides and that elder will find some way to tumble... unless you pay to have someone glued to your Father's hip during waking hours, but that person would need his/her breaks.

Falling is part of aging. My Dad was tumbling over on a regular basis, we just took it in stride as there just isn't anything else we could do. And you don't want to bar the elder from getting out of bed or confine them all day to a chair.

Even if an elder uses a walker, there will be times when they just will forget to use the walker. Even with a walker, getting up out of a recliner could cause a fall. I got my Dad one of those automatic recliners that raises the seat up to make it easier for him to stand up and use his walker.
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