My father, who has early symptoms of Dementia, has been complaining of a scratchy/soar throat and chills in the afternoon for over two months. We have been to the doctor three times, have gone through a course of antibiotics, lung x-ray (clear), zyrtec (for post nasal drip) and an inhaler (to increase oxygen levels) and he is STILL complaining of the symptoms. He does not recall how long he has been complaining of the symptoms, so when we remind him , he is surprised. He thinks that he has just been sick for the last week. I am starting to think this "sickness" is in his head, or that he uses being "sick" to get out of doing things (as he is very comfortable at home in front of a show). Anyone else have a parent who has gone through this? Suggestions on how to deal with it as going to the doctor every week with the same issues is a bit exhausting. Would love to figure it out. Thanks!

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codaughter1, sounds like there isn't enough humidify in the house as you this started in November and into December. Purchase a large table top humidifier, Honeywell makes a nice one that is easy to fill with water, and see if that will help.

Set the humidifier in your Dad's bedroom at night, and during the day set it up where Dad normally spends his daylight time. Make sure you refill the humidifier daily. It's worth a try.

As for the chills, that is normal for one who is aging. Their skin will start to become thin, thus they can't keep as warm as they use to. Make sure Dad is dressed correctly. He has to have at least a undershirt or a regular shirt tucked into his pants to help keep him warm. If he just wears socks around the house, get shoes on him, that can also make a big difference. Flannel top shirts are nice, sweaters, or fleece vests.

I don't like electric heaters in a room, because when the elder leaves that room, the other rooms feel way too cold. Plus the heaters will dry out the air in the room. If Dad feels cold in bed at night, add an afghan on the bedspread, and have Dad put on cotton socks and wear them to bed. And put on pajamas, I know some guys don't like to wear them at night, maybe put on a t-shirt.
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