My FIL is 86 with a range of health problems from diabetes to kidney problems. He is in the rehab unit at a nursing home. For months we have told home health care works, hospital employees and nursing home employees that he has periods of time where he doesn't know where he is, becomes verbally agressive, etc. No one seems to believe us.
On Monday the nursing home insisted that my husband take him to a doctors appointment. He became agitated and kicked my husband in the leg causing it to bleed.
On Tuesday, he had a melt down, got out of his room, was beating on the door of another wing (the dementia/alzheimers unit that stays locked) saying he had to get to work. It took two nurses to get him back to his room. He is 6 ft. and around 170 lbs. They called my husband from the nursing home and he told theh. "now you see what we have been trying to tell you." They are checking his kidneys to see if his confusion has something to do with his renal function.
He is on a anti-depressant, has been seen by two psycharists in the last two months and the nurse said today she doesn't think the medication is doing much because his mood is so up and down and doesn't level out.
We were asked today if we plan to have him become a long term resident or take him home. We have been told he will need someone 24/7 and outside of the physical needs, he has poor decision making ability and cannot be left alone.
My husband works around 50 hours a week. I am approx. 5 ft. and am restricted to maxium 10 pounds to lift becuse of health conditions. We also have an 8 year old at home.
I am worried if he becomes delusional that if two nurses who are healthy struggled to get him to his room, that I could not handle him, would get hurt or my child would be hurt.
If you are taking care of someone with dementia or another personality disorder, are you worried for your own safety? I know most on here do not have young children at home, but that adds to my concern. We have also been told he has a paranoid disorder.

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meh, hes got the impression somewhere along the way that hes the cock of the walk. permit your husband to hit him so hard someday that it simply knocks the taste out of his mouth and he'll learn, alzheimers or not that there are forces bigger than himself in this world. this aint a feel good seminar, this is the real world.
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It is my opinion that you cannot safely take care of the needs of your FIL at home. He should in a memory care unit or other locked facility that can adequately and safely care for him.
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