I have been caregiving for my MIL and my BIL for nearly 10 years, I had plans in place when MIL passed to care for BIL. But in the 3 weeks prior to MIL passing, a family member felt they should pull my POA and accused me of theft of funds from them and got an attorney to void my POA and signed a new one with the incapacitated BIL to the family member who has ulterior motives (to take funds from banking accounts, own the home and RV's of BIL) After investigation from DHS Elder care I was relieved of all charges they were deemed unfounded. But how do I get POA back on my BIL? he needs someone to protect him from this family member.
The Dr. indicated prior to the date the new POA was drawn up that BIL was not able to make his own decisions and should not be doing this at all, yet they still did it? I so want to fix this so I can watch over my sweet BIL like I promised his Mom I would.
Family has not been in the picture for the ENTIRE time I have cared for them both, and now that they know he is vulnerable they pounce, and it is not right.
I so need help!

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Do you mean monetory resources? If so, check with your county legal aide service agency. If you qualify with low income guidelines, you should be able to get legal aide for free. If you have your own lawyer and can afford it, it may be a quicker process.
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thank you, the validation helps more than you know, I felt so low, even knowing I had kept good records and never took a dime from them. But the fact that they chose MIL's funeral service to share with all of our friends and family of over 30 years that I stole thousands of dollars from them and how horrible of a person I was.
it broke my heart.
Now I am fighting to get BIL back under my wings of safety.
Now to find resources to fight this!
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I believe you have at least 2 facors in your favor. The first is that you already had doctor state PRIOR to new POA assignment that BIL was mentally incompetent. Secondly, you were exonerated of all theft acusations by a government agency. I urge you to see YOUR OWN ATTORNEY for specific measures to get the new POA declared null and void.
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