Has anyone had a family member or relative rejected for admittance to a nursing home because they are abusive?

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What if they have been reported to APS for abuse can they be turned down for admittance into a nursing home. Anyone experience this?

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Hi Kelly,

I'm so sorry to hear about what you are going through. I have to think there must be a facility that will accept this family member. I wonder if a social worker might be able to help find a good match.
A few years ago, I sent my mom to a nursing home for a short stay following surgery
She had a bad fall within minutes of my leaving her and then kept trying to escape - the doors weren't locked -
They had me hire a 24 hour sitter or threatened to call APS
I would look into having her seen by a geriatric psychiatrist to get some of her behaviors under control.
I worked for a fellow who was transferred to a psychiatric lock-down unit because of the abuse he was handing out to staff and other patients. I believe they put him on a cocktail of psyotroptic meds for a while.

He was release about a month later. But, quit his meds and last I heard had been re-admitted.

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My mom was kicked out of memory care because of her behaviors and meds did not help her. She then entered a care home that was all residents that had been kicked out of previous facilities. One would think a nightmare, but the place was wonderful care, a beautiful home environment, lower care ratio. Check with social worker to see if there are such options in your area.
I want to thank everyone for their support and comments..now the next move is trying to anticipate the next move...this is not an easy decision..which ways heavy on my heart and mind. Thank you so much.
I had no idea my mother would be as violent as she was. I had a relationship per say with the staff, we spoke all the time. Mom tried to get away and ended up with an ankle bracelet. Yes. My mom did it all, it was a wonder they still attended to her. It depends on the location you find to take your family member.

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