He needs assistance with meals and groceries.

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MANY agencies out there who provide services for just such clients. Just look it up. Be careful and prepare to go through several caregivers until you find the right person.
Someone who came in 3-4 times a week for 4 hours (that is usually the minimum you can have them, you will be charged even if they only stay 1/2 hr for the full 4)..they can shop, prepare pre-cooked meals, do light cleaning ( and I mean LIGHT, don't expect them to be climbing ladders to deal with high windows, etc) accompany your loved one to appts and such. I was bonded and insured. The family told me over and over how wonderful I was and what a service I was doing. I am 10 years older now and elder care almost killed me--it is grueling work, but it was very rewarding. (Doesn't pay well, so you are going to get a lot of younger people who are willing to work for peanuts---just tale your time and find a good fit for your loved one.)
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Kathy, could you give us more information, such as what type of disability.   I noticed on your profile you mentioned mobility.   At 72 that is quite young to have that type of issue this soon, unless it was something he had most of his adult life.

For meals, check with your local Meals On Wheels that can bring your relative one meal during the week days.

As for groceries, there are now grocery stores that delivery your grocery order.... one would need to do the ordering on-line, and the next day the order can be delivered.   Check the grocery ads in the newspaper to see what stores have such a service.   Yes, there is a delivery charge.

Your relative could also hire a professional caregiver from an Agency for a couple hours each day.   He would need to mention that he would like a person who enjoys cooking and grocery shopping.   That could cost between $15 to $30 per hour depending on your area.
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