How can I stop this?

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My mother is mobile and does not clean her hands. They were often covered with feces and urine as are her clothes after a visit to the bathroom or changing of soiled underwear in her room.I hate to say it but I had need to become "big brother" .Watching her every move throughout the house, armed with lysol of every description and my chic powder blue latex gloves,I follow silently; the ultimate cleaning ninja!
If the need arises I step in quietly,smiling offering toilet paper,guiding the hands(preferably not mine when I can get away with it) then as quick as a magician the offending stinkies disappear into the odor eating waste basket I have strategically placed.I talk,I joke to distract and amuse my audience of one. I run the water and guide the nasty nubbies into soapy water then without missing a beat I take the arm and guide my evil doer back into her room.
When she outsmarts me and manages to go it alone I am never far behind ( no pun intended).Pretty little discreet baskets line every cranny of my home. All filled with essentials that do not carry easily in my hoodie pouch. I am MISS CLEANY CLEAN and she will not defeat me.This is my strategy, my motto. LET the games begin!
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Well no help to offer because I have the same problem. I have declared my house a bio hazard . Gave up on my FIL and supplied everyone with wipes and disinfectant.
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Thank you, Maria! Your husband is truly blessed to have you to help with his parents!!
My dad does exactly what your FIL did. Drives my husband nuts!
Thanks for the input, good luck!!
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My MIL is bedbound and incontinent. Oh those hands :(
I keep her changed and as clean as possible and I soak and clean her fingers with toothbrush when she is not combative (Alzheimers).
But truth is, five minutes later there is no guarantee where those hands have been.
Sanitizer helps too but........... this problem is so "off-putting." Is that a nice enough word?
I guess I'm writing to let you know that I understand.
BTW, my FIL lived here with me too (passed away 4 months ago) and he absolutely cleaned himself with his fingers. He was stubborn and didn't want to let me wash his hands but it was worse with him because he wasn't bedbound. He would wheel his chair all around my house touching stuff. At least my MIL is bedbound which keeps her hands confined.
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