I am caregiver to one of old person 84 years old. He have been in hospital for 3 weeks already. I visited and taken care of him regularly since then. But once his daughter knows the distribution of living trust from her dad, his daughter start cheating adnormal. Today I got hospital police and security blocking me in lobby to go to visit the old person . The police claim is disturbance . We don't know why. We said the patient wanted us to visit him badly. We know this is done by his daughter. She called the police to block us. But the patience has very clear mind what he is doing. Why police and security guy can block us without asking patience wishes. All this police call is done by his daughter for sure as I know. But they pretend not they are doing this. The old man is so sad and helpless. Who can i transparent this picture? It is not our fault of cheating the old man and ask him to do that or that. All is from his bottom of heart to treat me. Now we are afraid of accessing the hospital again after tonight police blocked us to go the floor to visit and look after the old man. What we can do?

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Perhaps you should complete your profile so posters can get a better understanding of how you're involved, or attempting to be involved with this family. It would also help greatly as Jeanne requests to identify the state and/or country in which you live.

It seems to me there's a lot of unwritten information that's required to understand what's really going on.

You state you're a caregiver to "one of old person 84 years old" - are you working for an agency and taking care of several people?

But family trumps outsiders and you need to respect that.
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Who is "we"? Who's with you when you visit this man?

Since the daughter involved hospital security I don't think it's a good idea for you to push the issue and try to see this man anyway. She may be a thief but family trumps caregiver.

If you're concerned about her influence over him call Adult Protective Services.

Did he hire you himself? If so, wait until you hear from him again once he's out of the hospital before you try to see him.
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Where is this happening? What country/state?
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