I don’t think my relationship with my two younger siblings will survive this crisis. Everyone here is right... whatever dysfunctional family dynamic that existed previously only become more pronounced after the Alzheimer’s diagnosis of a parent. Makes me so sad. Wanted it to be different. Hoped that we could all come together in a crisis and work together to do what’s best for my Mom. What’s worse is that when I would fight with my siblings (sister in particular) I always had my Mom to talk to and now I don’t. I’m alone.

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I want all that. Just not very optimistic that it’s attainable.

No matter what I try to do or change we always end up in the same place at the end. Estranged. 
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I don't know what your family dynamic is and it's true that families tend to bend and maybe break under the weight of Alzheimer's but once your mom is gone you're going to want your siblings to grieve with and share memories with. Is there some way you can begin to repair the damage that's been done in your family? Can you reach out to one of your siblings? Maybe by email where you won't have the added stress of being on the phone. With an email you can think about what you want to say before you send it.

If there's any chance of repairing your relationships with your siblings you should take it.
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