When my mother moved abroad, two builders took her money to complete the house which left her in despair. She did not inform me what was going on and always remained upbeat.

I was then made aware that my mother was acting of character, the local stall holder was coming round who was 23 my mother is 81.

She has been lying, say derogatory things about me, she has been abusive.

But when she is around certain people she chooses her words, and behaves differently.

I don't know what to do? Even though she has been diagnosed she portrays the image of someone that is well and in most cases its believed!

I don't know what to do? People don't believe me and they are telling her what I have been saying and they are making things worse for me,

I believe she has frontal lobe dementia... coupled with schizophrenia.

Please help

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I have been through a similar journey. We got help through a Psychiatrist, who recognized my depression and placed me in a Psych Ward so he could monitor my drugs to see if he could come up with the right medicine so I could snap out of it.
The problem is, not many Psychiatrists will accept any patients older than 65 ( I was 82 at the time) . I feel so sorry for you and would like to wish these problems away.

My best advice is for you to talk to a Psychiatrist, a psychologist, or a certified Counselor, who is trained to help people in circumstances like yours. I sincerely hope you can find a professional person to guide you through. these difficulties. Most Insurance companies have coverage for this type of claim. You can't do this alone, and your mother isn't going to get any better, so I hope you'll find professional help for both of you.
I hope you find the support you need here. It won't be enough, tho, and I can't stress too much how important it is to seek professional medical health help.

A primary care Doctor will not have enough experience with psycotropic drugs needed to treat your mother. She probably needs high powered drugs like my husband got. Our Psychiatrist got my husband out of his rigid controlling ways. For one year he was like a lamb. He had a fall and had to be treated again. As of this date, he's doing great
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Thank you so much! I feel so alone, but now I know someone else is going through this
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Wow, I've been through this and still going through it. My mother has many health problems, one of which is dementia - also diagnosed with dillusional disorder and narcissistic personality disorder. She can be in moods where she is verbally abusive and she def. tell lies about me to the staff at the nursing home where she is. It's unreal how she can turn on the charm to others; so I know what you are talking about. But, believe this is all part of the mental health problems.

That is unfortunate that people are telling her what you say; so, can't trust them. Sounds like you need to speak to a physician about this, preferably one who deals primarily with the elderly. My mother was given medication and it has helped. Please know, I understand how you feel and it is so frustrating and stressful when they are abusive to us and can act entirely different to others.
I get through it with my faith as at least I know God sees what she is doing, and it helps me not feel so alone.
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