This person cannot be left alone at any time.

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I understand that many people feel that here on this forum, our stock answer is “put them in a home!” But in this case, it’s most likely the best solution. You can’t force someone to become a 24/7/365 caregiver. People who have no desire and no experience as caregivers, not to mention having no expectation of what caregiving involves burn out within a month. They may even have the best of intentions. Maybe this person was wonderfully kind to them decades ago and they want to repay the favor. Or, on the opposite end, maybe this person was so vile the caregiver feels they need to make things right before the person passes on.

What can can be done? You know the answer. 24/7 caregivers will cost an arm and a leg. Does she have those funds available? Does the family? I don’t think health insurance will pay for the foreseeable future for 23/7 caregivers. Are you or the family able to supervise these caregivers to make sure all is well?

Begin touring facilities to find one that will meet ner needs. It should be a skilled nursing facility. Apply for Medicaid if needed. Do the best for this lady.
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If she's competent, I'd discuss it with her and her doctor to see what level of care that she needs. Some people may need nursing home care, but, I have seen some with similar situations in AL.
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You will most likely have to go thru an agency and hire a private caregiver. You can expect to pay approximately $15 - 18.00 per hour. Or she may be ready for placement in a nursing home.
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