From what I read here in the forums, some people believe hospice workers over-medicated their loved one, leading to premature death. I have also read about how hospice provides the family with a kit of medicines.

I have POA and am the main caretaker for my terminally ill father. He is alert, conscious, and in very little pain. The doctor recommends hospice. My question: if I choose hospice, will they let me administer the morphine so I can ensure the dosage is low?

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Hospice is all about COMFORT. Many hospice people will level with you that keeping someone out of pain, out of distress, out of respiratory distress may WELL cause an earlier death than allowing suffering without end and no medication. The idea now is RELIEF and a peaceful death. Not a life of suffering. Speak with hospice and ask this very question.
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Yes they will. Because hospice won’t be there 24/7 to administer the meds. It will be left to you to do it. The comfort pack they give you includes morphine.
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anonymous995542 Jan 2020
Thank you.
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